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OBAKU DESIGN was founded by Jignesh Takodia in 2010, Surat based firm specializes in architectural and interior design services. Patience is its own reward, as the proverb has it, but it’s nice when it also pays off in more tangible ways. Ultimately, architectural excellence is the result of a synergistic developmental process involving everyone touched by the design process a collaborative effort of the entire project team, client, and user groups, to produce innovative, functional, contextual solutions.

OBAKU DESIGN offer full architectural and interior design services, specializing in residential, institutional, commercial architecture, interiors. Whether we are designing a new house or improving an old one, our work is grounded in scholarship, craft traditions, and sound contemporary construction practice. We are passionate about buildings old and new, existing and proposed, urban and rural.

We aspire to turn YOUR ideas into reality. We work hard to understand what it is you want and provide you options to let you visualize your dreams. We will help you to understand the feasibility and reality of your dreams including all aspects of an architectural project from planning, design, budget and a timeline.

Our design focus is one of innovation, pursued with a pervasive collaborative spirit in everything we do. Our work reflects a passion for the spirit of our age. Our work for clients with very high expectations is our passion. Our clients are everything to us, almost to a fault. We will bend over backwards for them and they are truly our partners.

At the end of the day, it’s not just about getting a structure designed. You and the people who will use your facilities deserve much more than that. You want a partner who will care about you, listen to you, and be consumed by meeting your business and aspirational needs.

Design team

Our interior designers work alongside architects and engineers, enabling us to address needs holistically and respond with comprehensive solutions.

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235, Somnath Society Nr, Sosyo Circle, U.M. Road, Surat - 395002